Inside a local candy company's kitchen

Inside a local candy company's kitchen

(WMC-TV) - The push to eat local may sound like a new trend, but for the Dinstuhl family it's a tradition that began in Memphis more than a century ago.

Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company invited many inside their candy kitchen for a sweet treat Sunday.

"Today we kick off of our holiday season at Dinstuhl's," said Dinstuhl's president, Rebecca Dinstuhl

Dinstuhl has the sweetest job in the world, and once a year she invites candy lovers into the candy kitchen.

"It's our holiday open house the second Sunday of November every year this is our 32nd year to do this," said Dinstuhl.

A lucky crowd got to see how Dinstuhl's signature sweets are handmade right here in Memphis.

"They're going to smell the butter and smell the chocolate they're going to eat their way through the kitchen," said Dinstuhl.

They followed the trail of Dinstuhl's famous cashew crunch and down a river of chocolate to
where nutty turtles get a chocolate robe in just the right size.

Stockings were hung by the chocolate with care on Christmas cabins built from the ground up.

Dinstuhl's doesn't calculate how much candy they make a year, but they figure it's at least a million pounds.

From their candy kitchen in Memphis to your tummy for more than a hundred years.

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