Meetings held tonight for MCS parents, ASD will be discussed

(WMC-TV) - Some parents of Memphis City Schools students will learn what a future school takeover could mean for their kids.

The Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) is on a mission to move the bottom 5 percent of schools into the top 25 percent within five years.

And 68 of those schools identified by the state board of education are in Memphis. ASD representatives are in Memphis for the next month getting feedback from parents and teachers before deciding which 10 Memphis City Schools will join the their district by the next school year.

"We want to answer people's questions we also want to ask them questions about what's working what's not working what are some things that they want to see continue in their schools," said Elliot Smalley, with the ASD.

You can attend one of the three meetings being held tonight.

Tonight's meeting will be held at the Hamilton Community Center, The Salem Gilfield Baptist Church or the St. Paul Neighborhood Center.

All the meetings are scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m.

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