Bloodhounds search for missing 93-year-old man

Bloodhounds search for missing 93-year-old man
L P Baker
L P Baker

(WMC-TV) - Police are now using bloodhounds to search near the home of a man who has been missing since Thursday.

L P Baker, Sr., 93, was last seen Thursday evening leaving his home on the 1600 block of Helsley Road.

Members from the volunteer organization "Search Dogs South" brought in Cheyenne the bloodhound to assist in the search. They were hoping the scent from a pair of brown trousers belonging to Baker could help locate him.

"Cheyenne was given some scent that we think is his and that was iffy to begin with and the indication is that it's either very old or he is in a vehicle," said Robert Weible, Search Dogs South.

Officers also handed out city watch flyers to people in the area where Baker disappeared.

Baker's fiancée, Patricia Cox, describes the 93-year old as someone who goes for walks often, but when he did not return home she said she knew something was wrong.

"Maybe he fell and hurt himself and can't get up as old as he is. Lots of things could have happened," she said.

Cox says Baker did not suffer from any medical conditions and is in pretty good health.

"Now that he is missing everybody is concerned about where his money is going. As far as I'm concerned, there is no money. I don't want his money, not if he can't spend it," Cox said.

Cox also thinks Baker may have gotten a ride from a neighbor, but she is not sure.

"L P, please, if you talk to anybody, tell them my name baby. Come home...please," Cox pleaded.

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