Southaven mayor accused of hiding money from wife

Southaven mayor accused of hiding money from wife
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - The bitter divorce of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has taken a new twist.

The mayor's ethics are now in question regarding whether he made personal arrangements with a city subordinate to hide income from his wife.

Some are now questioning the mayor's house-swap with his human resources director.

"We really don't like the fact we're being involved, but we knew at one point it was a possibility," said Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale.

Alderman Hale is one of three city leaders dragged into the mayor's bitter divorce to testify about an odd admission by the mayor in October 2010.

Hale says the admission came after a discussion over a questionable stipend Davis was receiving.

City records show, stipends included, Mayor Davis was taking in annually nearly $188,000.

Here is how it was broken down:

  • Educational - $5,000
  • Longevity - $2,700
  • Utility - $ 35,000
  • Salary - $145,000
  • Total - $187,700

Hale says Davis admitted he asked Human Resource Director Wes Brown to alter his payroll calculations to only show the salary.

Suzann Davis filed for divorce, after her husband used his city credit card at a gay porn shop.

Her divorce papers accuse him of having an affair with another man.

During the divorce, the HR director swapped houses with the mayor. The tax assessor's records show Brown's home is assessed at $205,000. Davis' is assessed at $217,000.

Hale does not anticipate any upcoming city inquiries into Davis' actions.

"Is there anything else you're concerned about that has not come to the surface?" Action News 5's Kontji Anthony asked Alderman Hale.

"We're not sure what all is going to come out. We're not sure what to expect," he replied.

Brown and Davis did not respond to Kontji's requests for comment on Monday.

Davis and his wife are due back in divorce court in March.

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