Jerry Lawler goes back to work

Jerry Lawler goes back to work
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Jerry "The King" Lawler

(WMC-TV) - After a heart attack scare that put Jerry Lawler on wrestling's sidelines, "The King" is going back to work at a match in Columbus, Ohio.

Lawler flew out of Memphis International Airport Monday afternoon and before he left he told Action News 5 he is upbeat about his future.

Looking trim and tan, Lawler said he is eager to get back into the announcers seat for Monday Night Raw.

"It's the first one since the heart attack about nine weeks ago. I don't know what to expect hopefully not a repeat performance," said Lawler.

It was in September when Lawler collapsed while announcing a WWE match in Canada.

"In my particular case been I had no warning. I didn't feel bad I had no chest pain. I had no tingling in my arm or anything like that," explained Lawler. "The doctor just said that it was something that happened that was going to happen no matter what."

Doctors located a blockage in one artery and put in a stint.

Lawler says he feels fine now and he is taking steps to stay that way.

"Sadly Ben, I have cut back on fried chicken," Lawler laughed. "That was like four times a week for me, man."

Walking through the airport, fans came up to wish Lawler well. He is still amazed by all the people who have reached out to him.

"There were probably millions and millions of people that were actually saying prayers for me so it really worked and I want to thank everybody for that," he said.

And Lawler says he has not ruled out getting in the ring again for another shot at wrestling.

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