Hundreds of student IDs stolen; Only on 5: Morgan Freeman talks about Madidi auction

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Federal Investigators are on the case at one Mid-South college, where hundreds of student IDs were compromised. Action News 5's Jason Miles will tell you what happens next in a case with the potential for identity theft.

We've learned new details about a man wanted for pretending to be a marine to solicit money from strangers.

Only on 5, Action News 5's Michael Clark spoke with Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman on the eve of his North Mississippi restaurant auction. Tonight, we will take you inside Madidi Restaurant.

A St. Jude nurse has launched a desperate search for stolen bracelets. They tied him to the patients whose lives he is working to save, and remind him of patients whose lives were lost, including a teen that inspired the Mid-South, Trey Erwin. Action News 5's Nick Kenney will have the emotional story.

And suspects could be gathering images, video, and information about you without you ever knowing it. Action News 5's Lindsey Brown uncovers Web Cam Hackers.

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