Personal info of 300+ LeMoyne-Owen students stolen

Personal Info Of 300 Lemoyne Owen Students Stolen

(WMC-TV) It is not an unreturned book from the library that has LeMoyne-Owen College in panic mode. It's the theft of more than 300 student ID applications complete with all kinds of personal information.

"Name, address, telephone number, Email, that sort of thing," said Pr & Marketing Director Daphne Thomas. "And social security numbers," she added.

Administrators won't release specific details about the theft such as where in the library the information was kept. However, protocols are being re-evaluated.

"And we're going through more than 30 hours of security tapes, so it's very rigorous and intensive right now," said Thomas.

Current and/or former students identified as possible victims are being notified with help from Memphis Police. Federal authorities have also been alerted. But, so far, students like Joseph Hall said they remain out of the loop.

"I believe the students who were affected should be notified," said Hall. "But I haven't heard about it," he added.

He's afraid one campus crime might lead to others.

"It could cause more ID theft," said Hall.

"This is something very serious, we're taking very seriously," said Thomas.

Students are encouraged to place fraud alerts on their credit files as a precaution and to report any suspicious account activity. Anyone with information can call LeMoyne-Owen at (901) 435-1000.

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