From victim to victorious: Andy's Got Your Back!

From victim to victorious: Andy's Got Your Back!

(WMC TV) - There's no better feeling than when the victim turns the tables and scams the scammer.

HVAC contractor William Kaan installed two air conditioning units in a home. He discovered later that the credit cards used to pay for the work were no good.

"We felt pretty bad," Kaan said. "We lost $6,000."

U.S. postal inspectors told Kaan he got the butt end of an identity theft scam.

"It began with the perpetrator ordering cards, credit cards in other people's names sent to a specific address," said Postal Inspector Andre Brown.

Brown said the suspect manufactured 90 fraudulent cards, racking up more than $2 million in fraudulent purchases.

Then Kaan cooperated with postal inspectors in an undercover sting to turn the tables on the suspect.

"We made an estimate for a new air conditioning unit (with the suspect)," said Kaan. "He didn't want to give me his card. He said he'd call it in. When we got back here, we called in a card. It was bad."

Trap set. Trap sprung. Inspectors arrested the suspect.

"You still want to put the fellow where he belongs if he's doing it to a lot of people," said Kaan.

The moral of this story:  check your credit reports annually with each of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) for mistakes or funny business.

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