Well known real estate man charged with domestic violence

Well known real estate man charged with domestic violence
Rusty Hyneman
Rusty Hyneman

(WMC-TV) – A well known real estate developer, who made headlines for his fast living and political entanglements, is facing domestic violence charges.

Rusty Hyneman walked into court with his attorney Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty to charges that he hit his wife last Saturday night.

"The allegations are they had a domestic argument," said Attorney Steve Farese. "This is certainly not uncommon in life it is a private matter and we hope to keep it that way."

But the real estate developer's lavish lifestyle has been at times, anything but private.

Lear jets, high end cars and pricey gifts to politicians have put Hyneman in the headlines over the years.

He served time in prison on drug convictions, made millions on clearing woods and building inexpensive cookie cutter homes and was part of the 2007 investigation into former Tennessee State Senator John Ford after he claimed Hyneman gave him a $70,000 Rolex watch as a gift for political influence.

His fast living appeared to catch up with him last year, when Hyneman claimed he was nearly $70 million in debt and threatened bankruptcy.

Now, he is writing a new chapter – an arrest on assault charges.

"What is said in the affidavit is merely hearsay so until I get it from the horse's mouth I can't comment," said Farese.

Rusty Hyneman is expected back in court November 29.

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