Trey Erwin's mother helps to replace stolen bracelet collection

Trey Erwin's mother helps to replace stolen bracelet collection

(WMC-TV) – There is a push to replace more than 250 bracelets given by St. Jude patients to a longtime hospital nurse.

The bracelets were stolen out of the nurse's car. Now, the mother of Trey Erwin is asking for St. Jude families to replace the precious mementos.

Patients and employees at St. Jude often become extended families.

Here is one example of the support system they share.

Lisa Erwin is a mother who wears her heart on her sleeve.

"You don't ever get over it. It's a child. You do not get past that," she said.

Trey Erwin rarely visited the medicine room at St. Jude, but he did meet registered nurse Ron Hardon, the bracelet man, nearly weighed down with rubber inspirational hope wristbands attached to his fanny pack.

He collected them for 12 years.

"So he (Trey) saw that collection and he said, 'Here ya go. You've gotta have one of these,'" said Lisa Erwin.

Trey's bracelet is one of 260 Hardin had kept to remember his patients… until they were stolen out of his SUV in a heartbreaking car break-in at the Park Plaza Centre.

"I've got a lot of heart in those bracelets and my families do too," said Hardin.

When Lisa Erwin saw Hardin's story on Action News 5, she immediately thought of her son.

"Oh, he'd be so upset. He wouldn't tolerate something like that," she said.

Lisa plans to give Hardin another 'Pray for Trey' wristband to help him start his collection again.

In addition to that, she put out a call to action on Facebook to friends with patients to do the same.

"I work two blocks from St. Jude. I can put this together. I can run down to Mr. Hardin and try to replace some of those irreplaceable bracelets," said Erwin.

Because Ron Hardin wearing everyone's hearts on his sleeve and fanny pack means more to her than words can express.

Hardin says he is humbled by the response and honored every time he is offered a bracelet.

If you find his collection or know where they might be, Hardin asks you please call him at (901) 605-7863.

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