No Midnight movie for Mid-South "Twilight" fans

No Midnight Movie For Mid-South "Twilight" Fans

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Midnight movie madness for "Twilight" fans will skip the Mid-South for the blockbuster finale. Memphis will be one of the only major U.S. cities without a midnight showing. The Action News 5 Investigators wanted to know why.

For many movie buffs the midnight show is an experience beyond what's on the screen. Past premieres in the "Twilight" series always brought a big midnight crowd in Memphis, so why not now?

Midnight showings of new release movies always bring a crowd, but when the second part of "Breaking Dawn" opens up Thursday night, people in the Mid-South will only be able to see it at 10 o'clock.

"Ooooh, I believe the teenagers are going to be furious about it," parent Iris Houston said.

But maybe not the parents.

"Because of the thing that happened with the batman I think it's great so the kids can get out earlier and get back to the house before it gets too late," said parent Bernadean Hardaway.

Internet searches show midnight screenings in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jackson, Mississippi and Huntsville, Alabama. But there are none at Malco Theatres across the Mid-South.

A Malco spokesperson said the studio allowed them to show the movie at 10, and wanted to keep times in-line with their all-day marathon, insisting it had nothing to do with safety concerns following the midnight shootings at a Colorado theatre that left 12 dead.

And despite kids' opinions, most parents say they're OK with the latest twilight ending before midnight.

"I don't think its popular amongst the younger ones but I definitely think it's popular amongst the youngster's parents because we know that our children can be home and safe at midnight," Hardaway said.

A Malco spokesperson told Action News 5 there was a midnight showing for another movie last week.  We contacted the movie studio to see why a 10 o'clock screening was offered, but never heard back.

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