Mayor Greg Davis settles divorce out of court

Mayor Greg Davis settles divorce out of court

(WMC-TV) – According to a judge, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis and his ex-wife, Suzann Davis, settled their divorce out of court.

Suzann has not received child support payments since their divorce in June 2011. The mayor will temporarily pay $1,850 each month in child support. They will appear in court again on March 28 to finalize the child support agreement.

The mayor did not appear in court, but his attorney showed up to present the judge with a signed agreement.

The judge put a gag order on Greg and Suzann Davis in order to protect their children. People in the community tell Action News 5 that the kids have been teased at school.

This settlement comes after three city leaders testified that Greg Davis made arrangements with city officials to hide income from his wife.

Southaven city records show Mayor Davis was taking in nearly $188,000 annually.

Here is how his income was broken down:

  • Educational - $5,000
  • Longevity - $2,700
  • Utility - $ 35,000
  • Salary - $145,000
  • Total - $187,700

But according to Alderman Ronnie Hale, Mayor Davis admitted that he asked Human Resource Director Wes Brown to alter payroll calculations to show only his salary.

Suzann Davis filed for divorce, after her husband used his city credit card at a gay porn shop.

Her divorce papers accused him of having an affair with another man.

Suzann is also suing her ex-husband's gay lover for $1 million. She claims 26-year-old Jansen Fair lured Greg Davis into a deviant, homosexual lifestyle.

The case is far from over.

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