Two dogs on scene of friendly fire may be returned to owners

Two dogs on scene of friendly fire may be returned to owners

(WMC-TV - A breaking news update on the dogs found inside the home where a Memphis Police officer was critically injured by friendly fire.

We now know what will happen to the two dogs.

At Memphis animal Shelter, there are hundreds of dogs up for adoption.

This charcoal gray pit bull and a 2-year-old Cane Corso named Mojo, 6-month-old Mojo Jr., and this black-and-white pit bull are among them.

All four dogs were in this house when undercover officers kicked in the door looking for crack.

Police say one of the dogs lunged.
Officer Byron Willis fired his shotgun, but accidentally hit officer Willie Bryant instead.

Lazarus Johnson and Charles Cross were both arrested on various drug and gun charges.

Johnson's still locked up and Cross posted bond.

Memphis Animal Shelter officials said the dogs appear to be healthy and well-cared for.

Their rightful owners, have put in a request to re-claim the dogs.

Officials said they do not appear to violate any vicious or dangerous dog ordinances, and so long city attorneys sign off on it the dogs will be returned to their rightful owners.

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