Search for SUV involved in freak wreck that killed good samaritan

Search For SUV Involved In Freak Wreck That Killed Good Samaritan

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Wynette Patton laid her husband of 45 years, Larry, to rest Wednesday.  His death was not yet fully accepted.

"I haven't had time to hardly think about that because of thinking about my baby up there," said Patton outside The MED.

She and Larry's son, Larry Ray, was still recovering from critical injuries he received in a freak chain of events that killed his father last Thursday.

"Me and my husband, we held his hand 'til the ambulance got there," recalled Larry Ray's wife, Katherine.

The accident happened on Elvis Presley Boulevard just north of the state line. Surveillance video from a convenience store shows how it started.  An elderly driver lost control of his car and struck the pole and brought down a power line.

Larry Patton and his son ran up to help.  Seconds later a crowd gathered around both of them after an SUV drove through the scene causing the lines to violently snap.

Ms. Patton said it was her husband's nature to help others.

"I believe he threw his hands up to protect my son, our son, not himself," she said.  "I believe he tried to stop that wire."

Memphis Police released photos of the white SUV in an attempt to identify the driver who may or may not have realized what happened.

"I know he probably couldn't have saved my husband," said Ms. Patton.  "But I would just like to know."

Anyone with information about the SUV should call police.

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