Radio host bonds out, could face more charges

Radio host's bond set, could face more charges
Thaddeus Matthews, controversial radio and TV host
Thaddeus Matthews, controversial radio and TV host

(WMC-TV) - A controversial Memphis radio host has bonded out of jail.  He was arrested after reportedly posting a pornographic photo of a toddler to his Facebook page.

A few days ago, a graphic image depicting a sexual act between a toddler and man was e-mailed to newsrooms around Memphis, and across the country.

Radio host Thaddeus Matthews is one of the people who received an email with the image. He says he then posted the image to Facebook in an effort to help identify the predator in the picture, or possibly the child.

Now, Matthews faces multiple charges including sexual exploitation of a minor.  His bond was set at $100,000 and police say he could face additional charges.

As of right now, the child and man in the graphic image have not been identified.  Police are investigating the incident.

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