MY TURN: Thaddeus Matthews' arrest

MY TURN: Thaddeus Matthews' arrest

(WMC-TV) - I, for one, don't buy Thaddeus Matthews' story about why he posted child pornography on his Facebook page this week.

The controversial radio host said he did it in hopes of identifying and helping the child in the photo.

All of Matthews' other attention-getting tricks in the past make it hard for me to believe that this wasn't just another stunt where Matthews knew his 15 minutes of fame would be extended yet again.

Remember, this is the man who snuck into a funeral home and took pictures of a woman who had been brutally murdered because he said the community needed to know.

Once again, Matthews has crossed the line but this time he did so in a way that earned him an overnight stay at 201 Poplar and the opportunity to defend himself against several felony child pornography charges.

As you might guess, I'm a big defender of the First Amendment – freedom of speech – but there are limits. You can't yell "fire" as a prank in a crowded theater. And you can't distribute child pornography.

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