Thaddeus Matthews: 'The charges are totally ridiculous'

Thaddeus Matthews: 'The charges are totally ridiculous'

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis radio personality is charged with child pornography and he says the entire thing is ridiculous.

Thaddeus Matthews posted bond Thursday morning after being arrested for posting a graphic photo of a toddler performing a sex act on a man to his Facebook page.

Matthews said police took his phone and computer. He says his arrest is both personal and political.

"The charges are totally ridiculous," Matthews said. "It's out there. I can't deny that I put it on my Facebook page. Could I have used better judgement? Yes."

The controversial disc jockey posted $100,000 on three felony child porn charges after posting the photo to the social media network.

Matthews said the person who e-mailed it to him claimed to have also e-mailed it to police and wanted something to be done.

"Here we have a child being abused by some depraved individual," said Matthews. "The intention was to save a child."

Matthews said he is not a child pornographer and claims he was merely a target.

"Are they going to go after anyone else or is this selective prosecution? My name is bigger than John Q Citizen so let's go after Thaddeus. Let's silence Thaddeus. Let's finally get Thaddeus," he said.

When asked by Action News 5's Nick Kenney if he is worried about the charges, Matthews replied, "I'm concerned. Okay. You know, I've got three felony counts and $100,000 bond."

He continued, "I'm going to hire a good attorney and we'll have to see where it goes from there."

The case is far from over.

Police are still digging and they promise more arrests are coming.

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