Southaven gun thief tracked down by dogs

Southaven gun thief tracked down by dogs

A gun thief was captured after breaking into a Southaven car, and investigators used dogs to track down the crook.

A 5-hour search began and ended in two quiet Southaven neighborhoods.

"It's just quiet, you don't expect anything to happen like this so close to your home," said resident Lynn Caviness.

All because police say Jarvius Smith took a couple of firearms out of a car Thursday morning.

Southaven Police and the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department were able to track the crook through the neighborhood and corner him into this wooded area.

He refused to comply with officers demands and was taken down by a K-9 unit.

"He continued to try and get away and the dog was able to apprehend him with a bite, and he sustained some injuries to his arm. He was taken to the hospital and treated," said Southaven Police Department Lt. Mark Little.

After neighbors called in tips on the fleeing suspects description, Smith got to meet a champion K-9 named Mag.

"We kept getting calls from civilians saying 'hey we saw a guy, we know you have a lot of police out here' and the description matched at each time they saw him," said Little.

Mag and his handler Brad Hodge got some help from another K-9 Wessel and Richard Chandler finding the long guns Smith is accused of stealing - much to the relief of neighbors like Lynn Caviness.

"I'm just thankful that somebody was paying attention.' said Caviness.

Smith is from Memphis and is being held without bond tonight with multiple charges related to this morning's incident.

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