FedEx target of investigation; Best casino comps in the Mid-South

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Memphis-based FedEx is at the center of a federal criminal investigation dealing with online pharmacies. What the company had to say about becoming a target tonight.

A Mid-South man's body found on the side of the road. Tonight we've learned startling new details about who discovered it.

A crucial deadline has passed in the Hostess strike. What this will mean for hundreds of Mid-South workers, and the future of some of your favorite snack foods.

A Memphis woman's iPhone was stolen. The suspect found a way to let his victim know who took the phone…sort of…Action News 5's Anna Marie Hartman breaks down the bizarre crime.

In a special Restaurant Scorecard, Andy Wise went undercover...only to discover you're lucky if your catfish order...came from the United States, let alone the South.

If the holidays for you mean a trip to the casinos, you will not want to miss this story---the Action News 5 Investigators are revealing the secrets to casino comps!

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