Suspect runs out of courtroom after hearing unexpected warrant

Suspect runs out of courtroom after hearing unexpected warrant

(WMC-TV) - A man came to court voluntarily, but when he learned he was heading to jail on another warrant he took off.

The chase went up the escalator and then down to an corridor, and Sheriff's deputies followed him the whole way through.  

Action News 5 had been at general sessions court for something else altogether, when an atypical quiet moment erupted in mayhem.

That's when a man bound for jail gambled on his foot speed, and made a break for it.

When he ran out the courtroom, he fell - but got up and ran again.

He made it out of the building, where deputies fanned out across Poplar Avenue and caught him within moments.

Walking him back to the building in cuffs.

His name is Steven Stigall.

He showed up to general sessions Court Division 9 on a misdemeanor charge.

Then the deputies verified he had an outstanding warrant on a separate charge.

"They were trying to handcuff him to the chair to secure him. He was able to slip the handcuffs and actually run out the door," said Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Chip Washington.

Now Stigall faces more charges including evading arrest and escape.
He may have just made a bad situation worse.

Stigall's new bond hasn't been set yet, and jail records indicate he's still in the booking process.

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