Local radio host fires back before court for illegal image

Local radio host fires back before court for illegal image

(WMC-TV) - Thaddeus Matthews appeared before a judge for just a few minutes for his arraignment, but it was what he said in his defense before he faced that judge that drew a crowd at the Shelby County criminal justice center.

Matthews shouted obscenities as he addressed the media outside criminal court Friday.

He is charged with three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, jokingly Matthews refuted any notion that he is a predator.

"I ain't never raped a woman, and I ain't never had to even beg for none. So let alone had to rape," he said.

With onlookers backing him, Matthews responded to allegations that he posted child pornography on Facebook for shock value.

He said he did not do it for attention.

Matthew claims he's been targeted and said he became concerned only after a woman emailed him the photo.

"She inboxed me and said this was a Memphis baby, that's when I got involved ," he said.

He was arraigned in less than ten minutes but Matthew said the charges have already left a lasting impression on his family.

"My oldest daughter had to explain to my grandson this morning that I'm not a child pornographer," he s

Matthews now blames police, the judicial system and the media for what he calls selective prosecution.

"I call it selective prosecution because you ain't going after nobody else," he said.

Matthews said he plans to fight this case until the end and he will not accept a plea deal.

He faces a judge again on Nov. 30.

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