Former Mo' Money owners opening new business

Former Mo' Money owners opening new business

(WMC-TV) - The owners shut down and sold off Mo' Money Taxes, but they're about to be back in business preparing taxes.

Neither Granberry nor anyone else associated with Mo' Money offices here in town have been arrested or charged.

The office is not yet open for business, Granberry expects to open next year.

But the sign is in place, and the commercial.

It Is shot, edited, and available for viewing.

Markee Granberry and Derrick Robinson are back with Marquis Taxes, another tax preparation business, now that Mo' Money Taxes closed down.

After a controversial and confounding year that left some customers upset and unhappy.

In the commercial they advertise free tax preparation and electronic filing to my faithful and loyal clients.

About the business, Granberry declined an interview for right now.

By text he told Action News 5 [The issues that occurred last year were the fault of a third party vendor which we have disassociated ourself with and we will own n operate 1off. marquis taxes.]

Another text read [The corporate office of momoneytaxes/moneycousa remains to claim their innocence in all matters last year.]

"What about last year? Yeah. You know it never was reported that we were innocent right," Granberry said in the YouTube video.
Thaddeus Matthews appears in Marquis Taxes' commercial.

"Markee Granberry is a friend. My friend wanted me in the commercial. I was in the commercial," Thaddeus Matthews said.

Granberry said he was a paid actor who is not affiliated with Marquis Taxes.

While the business doesn't think Matthews intentionally hurt anyone by posting a child porn photo on his Facebook page, he was just charged with three felonies.

Granberry said he does not condone the posting and is thus far undecided about re-editing the commercial to exclude Matthews.

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