Rash of mysterious fires at Lakeview apartments

Rash of mysterious fires at Lakeview apartments

(WMC-TV) - There have been three fires at the same apartment complex in a matter of weeks.

Now residents at the Lakeview apartments in South Memphis fear for their lives.  

The most recent blaze was Sunday morning, residents said all of the fires follow a suspicious pattern.   

Residents said flames engulfed this vacant unit at their apartment complex in a matter of minutes...

"I got woke up with my home filled with smoke I stay right across from where it is  and I mean it's ridiculous to me," said resident Kimberly Martin.

Martin said the fire was so widespread at this unit that hours later firefighters had to tear it all the way down to put out all the hot spots.

"I'm upset because I mean it doesn't make any sense, I mean it's too many fires happening and it's getting close," said Martin.

Resident Terri Clark said she's been adding up all of the fires since she move into the complex 3-years ago.

"How many fires can you remember here?  Eight, maybe ten," said Clark.

For the folks who live at this apartment complex - the rash of mysterious fires has them wondering if their building will be next.

"I'm 4 months pregnant, I have a 10-year-old I mean it's too much, its stressing me - I'm stressed out," said Martin.

The last fire at the complex was on Oct. 5.

On Sept. 22 an arsonist set fire to multiple locations of another part of the complex.

Investigators say if you know anything about these incidents call fire investigations at 901-320-5429.

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