Andy's Got Your Back on advance fee loan schemes

Andy's Got Your Back on advance fee loan schemes

(WMC TV) - When someone says, "advance fee loan," lights and sirens should go off, no matter who is shilling for it.

U.S. postal inspectors recently arrested an unnamed suspect running an online advance fee loan scheme. Inspectors said his website featured Montel Williams, the women of The View -- all without their authorization, all to lure his victims.

"Victims would say in witness interviews that they often relied on these endorsements as a reason they trusted this service," said U.S. Postal Inspector William Zelmblidge.

The con man deceived 30,000 people into sending in $99 to apply for the advance fee loan -- "100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed."

They got nothing.

It was enough for him to make $3 million over a short number of years," Zelmblidge said.

You should deal only with lenders who are licensed and credentialed to lend and service loans in your state. Check online with your state's financial institutions agency.

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