Ask Andy: Black Friday gotchas

(WMC TV) - I know why it's called Black Friday.

It's because stores sometimes leave you in the dark about the gotcha's riding on the big deals.

CNN/ warned shoppers not to get fooled by these on Black Friday:

* LIMITED QUANTITIES. Look at the fine-print to see if it says "minimum 10 per store," etc. That could mean there are only 10 of that item in the entire store. By the time you muscle the crowd, they could be gone.

* TIME RESTRICTIONS. That item may indeed be on sale Black Friday, but not until noon or even later.

* RAIN CHECKS = EMPTY PROMISES. Just because you get a rain check doesn't mean you are guaranteed the item. Getting the store to re-stock the item may take weeks, months, maybe never.

* If you see a Black Friday sales item marked as a DERIVATIVE, that means it is missing a part or feature that would normally come standard with that model.

Consumer Reports recommended the following Black Friday deal sites:,, and

I recommend and, not only for how well they track the deals, but also for how well they out the 'gotcha's.'

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