Mississippi cracks down on delinquent taxpayers

Mississippi cracks down on delinquent taxpayers

(WMC-TV) - The state of Mississippi is cracking down on delinquent taxpayers. The state is trying to collect nearly $395 million in back taxes.

If you received a notice saying you owe back taxes to the state of Mississippi, you are definitely not alone.

The Department of Revenue has gone after more than 154,000 taxpayers for a total of nearly $395 million in back taxes, interest, and penalties.

"It's primarily individual income taxes, bit of course we collect over 60 different types of taxes here at the department of revenue and anything that is past due we're going to make sure we collect," said Kathy Waterbury, Miss. Dept. of Revenue.

Governor Phil Bryant's fiscal 2014 budget includes $3.5 million to continue the push to collect overdue taxes.

The legislature also gave the department millions this year to hire people and add technology for the aggressive tax collections.

"Our new technology is providing us the opportunity now to send statements of accounts similar to a credit card bill to those people who owe taxes," said Waterbury.

Kathy Waterbury says the department received numerous calls from people questioning the statements.

"Most of it is older debt. It is something that's been due for several years and some people that have called, I guess are hoping we had forgotten about it," she said.

The state has several options to collect unpaid taxes including garnishing wages, filing tax liens, and keeping future income tax refunds that might be owed to a person.

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