Flea market owner sentenced after 2011 raid

Flea market owner sentenced after 2011 raid
Feds raided the flea market in 2011
Feds raided the flea market in 2011

(WMC-TV) – One of the people taken into custody during the Third Street Flea Market raid in June 2011 faced a judge Monday.

Fred Goodfellow faced a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, but the 73-year-old walked out of the courthouse knowing he will not spend even one day behind bars.

"Just a sad situation. Good people can and in this case, did something bad. It's a violation of the law," said Defense Attorney Leslie Ballin.

Leslie Ballin represents Fred Goodfellow, who owned the Third Street Flea Market.

The flea market was notorious for selling counterfeit watches, purses, sunglasses, and other items.

In June 2011, federal investigators raided the property and discovered more than 120,000 fake items.

"Mr. Goodfellow stood at the top of the pyramid in a massive counterfeit goods scheme that defrauded U.S. and foreign corporations out of tens of millions of dollars," said the feds in 2011.

Goodfellow pleaded guilty to one count of facilitation of the sale of smuggled goods. He faced up to 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine, the judge gave him one year house arrest and three years of supervised release.

"He's 73 years of age. He's never been in trouble before," said Ballin. "What he'd worked for as a nest egg is no longer there. He's unfortunately just lost his wife to cancer."

Coach won a $5 million judgment against Goodfellow.

"Liens on his property. He's forfeited properties. He's got zilch," said his attorney.

Goodfellow is allowed to leave his house for church, community service, and health reasons.

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