Former Grizzlies owner talks about team's #1 ranking

Former Grizzlies Owner Talks About Teams #1 Ranking

WMC-TV) - Virtually anyone in Memphis could have happily told you the same thing Monday. The Grizzlies were number one in the NBA.

"I think it's fantastic," said former Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley. "But I think they've earned it," he added.

We ran into Heisley near FedExForum.

"I'm having a better time as a fan than I ever had as an owner," said Heisley.

Heisley credited the achievement on the court to a great team. He cited, in particular, the squad's three-point shooting ability. Heisley said he's been to more games so far this year than at this point in any previous season.

"I can sit on the floor, yell at the referees, scream at the players," said Heisley.

He pointed out that he paid for his seats and is thrilled to be just another faithful fan.

"What I'm really enjoying is seeing the smiles on the faces of people from Memphis," said Heisley. "This team can really make a difference in this city and we need whatever we can get to make everybody feel better," he added.

Heisley dropped the team and then dropped 85 pounds. He said he lost weight on the so-called "wheat belly" diet, which eliminates gluten.