Fiery crash kills three adults, sends three children to the hospital

Fiery Crash Kills Three Adults, Sends Three Children To The Hospital

COAHOMA COUNTY, MS - (WMC-TV) – Three children are in the hospital after they were pulled from a fiery crash that killed three adults, all from Memphis.

That crash happened at Highway 49 and Highway 1 in Coahoma County, Mississippi Sunday night.

The intersection of Mississippi Highway 1 and busy U.S. 49 is now the site of the worst accident volunteer firefighter Gerald Clayton has ever worked in Coahoma County.

"I could see the flames. I knew the car was fully involved. At the time we didn't know anyone was trapped," Clayton said.

Three kids were trapped in the burning car. With fire crews on the way, bystanders jumped into action for a daring rescue.

"When you have a situation like we had when gasoline's going everywhere, car is fully involved, it's scary, even for a firefighter," said Clayton.

Three adults from Memphis in the car with the children didn't make it. Kanika Trailor, Tonya Murry, and Willie Lewis died after investigators say the driver ran a stop sign, t-boned another van, flipped and ignited.

"My heart goes out to them. I wish there was something that we could all do about it," Clayton said.

Workers at a gas station just a couple miles down the road from the accident were trying to leave around 10 o'clock when some of them were stuck for a couple of hours in traffic as investigators tried to clear the scene.

"I thought it was just a routine traffic stop, but as I got closer I saw all these lights. It looked like Christmas," Cassandra White said.

White says when she passed the cars on her way across the river, she prayed for the families that will now be without this holiday season.

"It could have been my family, your family, anyone. I just hate that it happened," said White.

We are told the two people traveling in the van that was hit are being treated at the MED in Memphis and are expected to survive.

All three children are also expected to survive.

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