Andy's Got Your Back on Internet auto sales scams

Andy's Got Your Back on Internet auto sales scams

(WMC TV) - Luxury cars for sale -- from a figment of someone's imagination.

"We saw ads for Aston Martin, Porsche and Lexus automobiles," said U.S. Postal Inspector David Reardon.

Reardon and his team monitored a series of Internet auto sales ads. He said a single suspect was behind each one. The suspect doesn't own the vehicles.

"It's not (really) there," he said. "The people who think they are buying it are sending money to someone who has created a fictitious business."

Reardon said victims end up wiring money to the con artist's bank accounts.

Then it's gone. No money. No car.

When you're shopping vehicles online, always confirm the identity of the sellers. Insist on seeing the car in person. Verify its ownership, title history and service history through a service like CARFAX.

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