Andy's Got Your Back on shady sweepstakes

Andy's Got Your Back on shady sweepstakes

(WMC TV) - For the love of Pete, please hang up the phone when the next unsolicited sweepstakes call rings. It's a scam each and every time.

"My mother was very embarrassed," said a guy we'll call 'Krist.'

Yep, 'Krist's mother did it, like a million other seniors. She paid out $20,000 in a lottery scam.

The incessant callers promised her millions of dollars and a new car if she just sent in the money.

"They called my mother 'Sweetheart' and 'Darling' and were so kind," said 'Krist,' as naive as his mom.

She was sending so much money in huge chunks by mail, it caught the attention of U.S. postal inspectors.

"They are very aggressive," said Postal Inspector Samantha Knoll of the lottery scam artists. "If you have to pay something in order for you to receive a prize, or to receive cash, usually that's a scam."

'Krist' ended up having to close his mother's bank accounts, change her phone numbers and have her mail forwarded to his house.

Postal inspectors were able to return about half of his mother's 20-grand.

I have long since given up on trying to convince seniors these lottery calls are scams. It's up to us -- their children -- to monitor their calls and mail because they cannot do it themselves.

We have to fight for them against cowards who only target the most vulnerable.

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