Ask Andy: Cyber Monday 'gotchas'

Ask Andy: Cyber Monday 'gotchas'

(WMC TV) - A lot of shoppers skip the madness of Black Friday to shop the online deals on Cyber Monday, the Monday after the holiday weekend.

Frankly, I don't blame them.

But I will blame them if they fall for these Cyber Monday 'gotchas,' exposed by Consumer Reports:

* THE DEEP DISCOUNT PRICE BAIT. CR said this is the biggest Cyber Monday gotcha. An item is priced super-low on the store's web site. Look more closely. You have to buy something else in order to get the deal. That's not a deal. It's a mandatory purchase.

* RETURN POLICY LIMITATIONS. If you want to return something you bought online, some retailers require you to box it up and ship it back, not return it to the brick-and-mortar store. Save your receipts and feel good about sharing gift receipts along with your gifts. Your friends and loved ones will thank you for those receipts when they score a hassle-free return.

* RESTOCKING FEES. Even though that digital camera or laptop was bought ONLINE, a restocking fee may still apply if you or the gift's recipient decides to return it.

Your best defense on Cyber Monday:  your credit card. Charge everything and pay off the balance.

Your card's built-in protections should shield each purchase from fraud, as well as make it easier to return those items.

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