Students rally to save their high school

Students rally to save their high school

(WMC-TV) - Students and alumni at George Washington Carver High School in Memphis are asking for their school to be saved.

Carver High is one of nearly two dozen schools on the chopping block.

Action News 5 was told the rally at the school Tuesday was organized by the students, many of which organized a protest rally several weeks ago.

But while that earlier protest focused on problems with school schedules, uniforms, and communication, school board member Reverend Kenneth Whalum said Tuesday's protest was organized because of reports that the school is on a list to be closed.

"So they organized to bring attention to the fact that they don't want their school closed," said Rev. Kenneth Whalum.

Administrators at Carver High School refused to let the media inside to cover the rally.

Reverend Whalum said students invited him to speak there because of his longtime support for inner city schools.

"It doesn't make sense to close neighborhood schools when you say you are trying to do what's best for the students," he said.

Whalum's wife, Sheila, is a graduate of Carver High. She and a number of other graduates showed up to show their support for the school.

"I have so many great memories of this school, it's a staple in the community," she said.

Reverend Whalum said the new transition and planning commission wants to close schools in an attempt to save millions of dollars, but the reverend and others say they're ready to fight it.

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