Gun ordinance goes passes in DeSoto County

Gun ordinance goes passes in DeSoto County

(WMC-TV) – DeSoto County is just days away from a new restrictive gun ordinance. It bans people from shooting a gun on greenways and in parks.

It is a controversial gun law that has been a hot topic for months now and Tuesday night, people on all sides weighed in.

The board of supervisors held a final hearing on the matter Monday passing it unanimously.

"I'm absolutely in favor of it yes. A bullet can take a life in a minute, so the primary concern is always going to be the citizen," said Jeff Duncan, The Gun Exchange.

DeSoto County Supervisors say they want people who utilize the parks and greenways to hike or ride their bikes or horses, to feel safe.

"It's difficult if you're a landowner and you have a couple hundred acres," said Duncan. "The problem with the bullet is it doesn't have a name on it and you never know where it's going."

Richard Yoder has been a gun owner for many years.

"I've been into guns for 20 something years, been carrying one for 10," said Yoder.

He says even though it is now illegal to fire a gun in a county park or greenway, it will not stop some gun owners.

"If I've got my gun on me and the situation comes up and I have to use it, I will use it. I'd rather not have to, but I'd rather have it on me and have it accessible than somebody else having a gun and shooting me and I'm defenseless," said Yoder.

Meanwhile, supervisors also received other suggestions from the community that they hope to soon implement, including putting up more signs on the greenways.

The law goes into effect in 30 days.

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