Janice Broach’s one-on-one interview with Rapper T.I.

UNCUT: Janice Broach interviews rapper T.I.

(WMC-TV) - Action News 5's Janice Broach had a one on one interview with rapper, T.I. that was seen only on 5.

T.I. answered every question Janice asked and she said he was very open and honest.

"I really just wanted to touch the people of Memphis the kids and just do something special," T.I. said, regarding the free concert at Southland mall that brought out at least two thousand fans to see the rapper.

"I'm doing my part by leading by example just making my music," T.I. said.

The very successful rapper from Atlanta is familiar with the Memphis area for a lot of reasons.

"I spent a lot of time not too far from here and I met a lot of Memphis folks...there," the rapper said.

There is the federal pen in Forrest City. T.I. did two stints there. The first on a federal weapons charge and the second in 2010 for drug possession.

"It was horrible but made the best of it you know what I'm saying," T.I. said.

T.I. might seem like an unlikely role model but he says he has learned his lesson after time in and out of prison from a very early age.

"Most people say ah its hopeless," the rapper said. "I have no choice this is my life I refuse to do that."

The 32 year old rapper has released seven albums including a single with Memphis native Justin Timberlake. That single was nominated for two Grammys. T.I. even dropped a bit of news that he and Timberlake in the studio working on music.

T.I. is in Memphis with his wife Tiny and six children to shoot the final episode of their VH1 reality show, 'T.I. and Tiny ,The Family Hustle'.

He also has an album Trouble Man coming out in December.

"For me it is aside from the obvious trouble is something that has been part of my life for so long to run away shy away from it doesn't make sense," the rapper said.

People who came to T.I.'s free concert, Tuesday afternoon donated food for the Midsouth food bank. Action News 5 is told between 700-800 pounds of food was collected.

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