New documents detail accusations Greg Davis altered paycheck

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – The Action News 5 Investigators have obtained new documents detailing accusations the Southaven Mayor altered his paycheck as part of his divorce battle.

These affidavits were filed today in DeSoto County Chancery Court  by the attorney for Mayor Greg Davis' ex-wife.  They are part of a contentious divorce settlement dispute.

The contentious divorce case between Southaven Mayor Greg Davis and his ex wife Suzann has two more aldermen and the Southaven Director of human services. All three signing affidavits saying the mayor admitted he gave his ex wife fake earnings statements. Suzann Davis says Greg Davis is hiding assets from her. Aldermen George Payne and William Brooks both said the admission happened during an executive session. They say the mayor told them he asked Wes Brown to make the changes.

Wes Brown in his affidavit said Davis approached him in August of 2010 and asked him to prepare a copy of his current pay stub reflecting 140-thousand as his income instead of the actual amount of 150-thousand dollars...and at the same time increasing Davis' stipend.  Brown told Davis he could not alter an actual pay stub but could prepare a hypothetical payroll screen shot. There are copies of the screen shot attached to the affidavit.

I wanted to talk with Wes Brown but was told he was gone for the day.

These documents I obtained show emails between Greg Davis and Suzann Davis in 2010. This email from Davis indicates he gave Suzann Davis the wrong check information, printing it from the wrong year. The email states Davis then gave her the correct information. In the divorce decree Suzann Davis waived her right to receive financial statements and disclosures.

Alderman Ronnie Hale says Brown was reassigned from human resources director to assistant parks director a week ago, two days before the first aldermen affidavits came out regarding the payroll changes.  Suzann and Greg Davis cannot comment because there is a gag order. 

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