Mid-South family prepares for Black Friday

Black Friday Team

(WMC-TV) – Before Black Friday, one family's dining room turns into a strategy zone where 8 women from Corinth, Mississippi prepare for retail battle.

"It's a Black Friday thing and you just don't understand," said Lauren Roberts.

From their teens to their 60's, the family members plan a Memphis shopping spree every year, booking hotel rooms a year in advance.

"We normally have to make several trips to the car throughout the day to put our shopping bags away," Morgan Bishop said.

With a different matching shirt each year, the group bolts to Carriage Crossing after Thanksgiving lunch where they plan, sleep, and pound the pavement trying to stay one step ahead of the madness.

Bishop recalls a family member's bold strategy for saving a place to park.

"Jumped out and stood in the middle of the parking spot with arms and legs out like nobody is getting this parking spot but us," Bishop laughed.

The family tells me they've seen plenty of mad dashes, but they try to stay out of some of the confrontations seen over the years.

"We're not going to push and shove. We'll just let everyone else do that and we'll come in behind them," Roberts laughed.

The girls stay in touch from aisle to aisle and store to store on their cell phones as they load up their bags.

There's only one rule:

"No boys," said Roberts.

And with group tabs ranging into the thousands, the men of the house don't seem to mind sitting this one out.

"I'm not walking all day, too many women, no other men, I'm good," said William Butler.

But for these 8, it's a day circled on their calendar every year.

"Without this our family probably wouldn't be as close and we would start spreading out and I think this holds us together," said Jane Musser.

"By the end of the trip we'll be talking about next year," Roberts said.

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