Retail workers upset about working the holidays

Retail workers upset about working the holidays

(WMC-TV) – While many shoppers are excited to hit the stores for holiday deals on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, many store employees are dreading the holiday shopping rush. They do not like that they have to work on the holiday.

While Walmart and Target employees may need time to adjust to new holiday hours, working on Thanksgiving is a long time tradition in many industries.

"Customer service and restaurants, that was a mandatory day," said shopper Faye Walton.

There is never a closing time at area hospitals. And Starbucks knows customers need their jolt of java.

Thanksgiving has been a shopping tradition at Bass Pro Shops for decades.

"And we fully understand that people want to be home but we also understand for the needs of our customers, it's a very important day," said Will Anderson, Bass Pro Shop.

Because the news never stops, Action News 5 is one place that never closes. On special days like this, family from home joins our station family.

Charles Allen did not have to work on Thanksgiving, but he volunteered to help his cousin sell the Commercial Appeal.

"I look at it this way, if you put in for a job, who calls the shots on that job?" said Allen.

Companies that have made it a holiday tradition opening on Thanksgiving Day have some advice for employers making it a new tradition, if you're going to be open, treat your employees right.

"To make it easier, bringing in lunch, doing some things so that it's not a drag or a 'have to' situation," said Anderson.

Some say in today's economy, workers should be thankful to have a job on this Thanksgiving Day.

"Because a lot of people don't and would give their left arm to work on Thanksgiving, or any day for that matter," said shopper Hope Prietz.

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