Homeowner talks after plane crashes into house

Homeowner talks after plane crashes into house

(WMC-TV) - A Mississippi homeowner shares her story for the first time since a small plane crashed into her home one week ago.

Three people died in the crash and she was the only survivor.

Loretta and Roosevelt Jamison survey what is left of their home, still stunned over what happened.

"It ain't hit me yet. You know, just coming back seeing it," said Loretta Jamison.

Loretta Jamison says she was in her bedroom sorting through her mail on November 13.

"All of a sudden I heard a big noise and it knocked all my stuff down off the mantle," she said. "I heard a big noise and boom, fire started sweeping through and blowed me down. Knocked me down on the floor."

"And I climbed out the window and I held on to the window sill," she explained.

She says a bystander answered her calls for help. She suffered second degree burns on her hands, but she was alive.

Jamison had surgery about one week ago. She recently had a follow up visit with her doctor. She will most likely have to continue up with follow up treatments to make sure everything is okay.

"I didn't know it was a plane in there at all until I got over to the parking lot after we ran outta the house. I thought it was a big tree," said Jamison.

NTSB is still investigating the plane crash.

In addition to their house, the Jamison family lost two pets. They now are living in a motel and giving thanks that they have each other.

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