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'Downtown' plan has Brentwood residents worried


There's a plan on the table in Brentwood that could bring a true "downtown" feeling.

Some city leaders are backing a re-zoning scheme that would mean $200 million in mixed-use projects.

But some neighbors are worried the work would drastically disrupt their lives.

"Currently Brentwood does not have a downtown, or a downtown center, so the proposal there would, in fact, create a downtown area for Brentwood," said Brentwood City Manager Mike Walker. "We're talking in terms of a $200 million investment."

For Walker, this is the vision - a 970,000-square-foot multi-use development including retail, offices, a movie theater and condo units, all to be called the Streets of Brentwood, on Maryland Way.

"We have a proposed re-zoning of two parcels that are basically at the intersection of our commercial district in town from C1, which is office use, to C4, which is town center, a mixed-use zoning district," said Walker.

The project won't go up for any formal consideration until January, but already Jami Hill is concerned.

"My property is right here," said Hill. "This this is the property line for the project. It's very close."

Hill said her neighborhood is a quiet spot. She's afraid she's in for a drastic change.

"It directly abuts to our property lines, and that is unprecedented in Brentwood," said Hill. "There is nowhere else in Brentwood where C4 zoning directly backs up to residential."

As for neighbors' concerns of increased traffic, Walker said a mixed-use development will distribute traffic over a broader period of time.

With makers and a public notice up already, Hill said she just wants to be a part of the discussion.

"We want people to realize we are neighbors, we are homeowners and we're not just pieces of property," said Hill.

The proposal goes to the Brentwood Planning Commission for review and recommendation on Jan. 7. The public hearing before the city commission is Jan. 14, which is where residents can voice their thoughts and concerns.

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