One-on-one with Janice Broach: Greg Davis answers questions about "house swap"

One-On-One With Janice Broach: Greg Davis Answers Questions About "House Swap"

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – Southaven Mayor Greg Davis agreed to answer all of the questions that he is allowed to answer. He would not talk about the turmoil surrounding his divorce settlement because there is a gag order.

"Wes has an agreement lease purchase agreement to purchase my house at fair market value of 322-thousand dollars," Davis said, speaking for the first time about his so-called house swap.

Davis is living in the home of former Southaven human resources director Wes Brown, and Brown is living in the home Davis once shared with his ex wife Suzann. Greg Davis got the house in the divorce.

"I don't need a 4 thousand square foot house. He has two children and a wife. They need the room. They need a big yard for his children to play. I don't," Davis said.

Davis says he gave Brown five years to sell his house and then Brown will buy Davis' old house. He says he has done it before with other city employees.  As I reported Wednesday, Brown signed an affidavit presented by Suzann Davis's attorney that said in 2010 Davis asked him to alter his pay stub showing Davis made ten thousand dollars less than he did. Brown said he couldn't do that. Instead he prepared a hypothetical  screen shot for Davis. Suzann Davis maintains the mayor is hiding his assets.

Greg Davis recently moved Wes Brown to the job of assistant parks director.

"There were some personnel issues between the assistant parks director and the current parks director," Davis said.

Davis says Wes Brown used to be in the parks department and he liked it. The former assistant parks director is now in the human resources department.

Davis says he plans to run again for mayor in May.

"I'm going to be honest with you, we're raising funds to run again," he said.

And Davis is planning a new career - law school at Ole Miss or the University of Memphis.

"I'd just like to be an attorney who does the right thing and represent those who have been wronged," he said.

Greg Davis knows his plans to run for mayor could change depending on the results of an investigation into his spending on city business. For now he says he plans to run again.

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