Black Friday shopping starts early

Black Friday Shoppers

(WMC-TV) – Bargain hunters are out in full force looking for those Black Friday discounts. This year, many of the giant retail stores decided not to wait until midnight and instead opened their doors early.

Here in the Mid-South, lines are snaking around stores as shoppers eagerly wait to grab those deals.

But for some, Black Friday has not been the greatest time.

In front of the building, on its side, hundreds of shoppers lined up for deals at Sears, most looking for a 50-inch TV.

"I think it's an 899 TV, so it's a third of the cost normally," one customer said.

And meet the group at the front of the line.

Some people spent their whole Thanksgiving waiting in line, which was no place for turkey and dressing.

"We've been surviving off Mcribs and Big Macs and that's about it. Biscuits, hot chocolate, coffee," another customer said.

All for a red piece of paper.

"This means we get it. We just have to go buy it and pick it up and that's it."

It turned out there were less than 10 in the store - proof that it pays to be first in line.

"I knew my chances were slim."

"So what's next? Go home play with the TV."

But there was just one problem in Andrew Houston's almost perfect plan.

"We left a light on and were sitting overnight and the truck died."

After waiting in line for almost a day, the 20 minutes it took to jump Houston's car seemed like nothing.

"Despite 24 hours of waiting, a dead car battery, was it worth it? Absolutely. Because you can't even beat the memories. You have your two best friends hanging out for 24 hours straight and saved a lot of money."

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