Police investigate possible murder-suicide between married couple

Police investigate possible murder-suicide between married couple

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police are investigating a possible murder-suicide that appears to be between a husband and wife.

"I had just gone to bed and I did hear the sirens," said Wayne Place resident Kenny Christian.

Christian lives just down Wayne Place from this trailer where a husband and wife died in an apparent murder-suicide overnight.

"If alcohol's involved it wouldn't surprise me none because that's one of the biggest reasons people get in trouble," said Christian.

Memphis police said the couple had just returned home from a night out when they got into an argument on the front porch.

Witnesses heard gunshots and came outside to find them both dead.

"There is a spike in domestic violence," said Young Women's Christian Association counselor Elizabeth Shelley.

Shelley said domestic violence is rooted in the need for power and control.

Though a year round problem, holiday season can worsen the underlying issues.

"Domestic violence is not really caused by any one of those things - by the stress, by the alcohol, by the children being home - but that can add to it," said Shelley.

Police are investigating exactly what set off this shooting.

The rest of Wayne place is curious, too.

"Otherwise it's a really a pleasant place to live," said Christian.

Neighbors said they didn't know the couple because they had just moved in a matter of weeks ago.

They believe they have children but are not sure.

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