ICE exhibit at Gaylord Opryland attracts kids and adults

ICE exhibit at Gaylord Opryland attracts kids and adults

(WMC-TV) - To many, it's just not Christmas unless it's cold.      

Well, there's a place in Nashville where it stays around nine degrees and it's made of all ice.

At the ICE exhibit at Gaylord Opryland, one of the first things you have to do before you can see the exhibit is put on a parka because it's pretty cold inside.

It's only about nine degrees

"We have forty artisans who come in from Harbin, China every year and they spend about a month in here carving out two million pounds of ice," said Gaylord Opryland Resort employee Jenny Barker.

The exhibit, called ICE, features the popular DreamWorks character Shrek and his family.

"It is Shrek the Halls, based on the TV animated special and its story of Shrek coming to learn the traditions of Christmas," said Baker.

The entire display features nearly seven thousand blocks of ice.

Each block is hand carved on location to depict Shrek, his wife Fiona, and their children.

The exhibit tells the story of how Shrek tries to plan to perfect Christmas.

His plans are disrupted by chaos and commotion, but in the end - Shrek learns the true meaning of the holiday.

One of the biggest attractions here at ICE at Gaylord Opryland are four ice slides.

It's a popular event with the kids and adults, one of the ICE slides is two stories high.

And just before visitors leave the ICE exhibit, they're greeted by a beautiful nativity scene that looks like perfectly cut crystal.

"Our best advice is if you're coming, do dress in layers. It is very chilly in here. We want you to stay warm," said Baker.

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