Family of murdered teen wants answers, says accused killer's bond is too low

Family of murdered teen wants answers, says accused killer's bond is too low

(WMC-TV) - James Jones Jr.'s family said they're afraid his accused killer will be walking free by Christmas.  

Earlier this week, a judge set a bond they feel is too low.  

"It wasn't that good without him but all we can do is keep going," said cousin Brian Dowell.

For James Jones Jr.'s family, Thanksgiving just wasn't the same.

The 19-year old was shot and killed back in September, his body dumped in a rural Tipton County field.

Daniel Far row is charged with first degree murder in the case.

"Even though you forgive, you don't forget, you can't forget this tragedy," said Dowell.

Earlier this week, the two families faced each other in court.

A judge set a $40,000 bond for Daniel Farrow.

But for members of James Jones' family, that bond is too low.

"I know families feel like I do, they want answers.  They want to know why.  People just killing folks," said Dowell.

Farrow still sits in a Tipton County jail cell.

But the Jones family feels like he'll be walking the streets again by Christmas, only having to pay 10 percent of the $40,000 bond.

"For a life?  $4,000?  I mean, it's like it's nothing. $4,000, that's it?" said Dowell.   

It looks like James Jones Junior's family will have to get through Christmas with more questions than answers about his death.

"He and James were like brothers. He was over there every day or he was with junior every day.  I never thought he would do something like this," said Dowell.

Family members say a preliminary hearing in this case could come as early as March of next year.

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