Tunica County bank robbed the day after Thanksgiving

Tunica County Bank Robbed The Day After Thanksgiving

ROBINSONVILLE, MS - (WMC-TV) – Investigators are looking for a bank robber. The man, or woman, walked into a Tunica County, Mississippi bank Friday morning and held it up.

The crime occurred not far from the casinos in Robinsonville. Both visitors and residents say while robberies can happen anywhere, it's surprising to hear of one as soon as the bank opened its doors the day after Thanksgiving.

A Tunica County Sheriff's Deputy car sits outside the First Security Bank that was robbed the day after Thanksgiving.

"Broad daylight? This early, this soon? Golly," resident Gloria Young said.

Some people were shocked to hear the crime took place so soon after a day of thanks but were even more surprised when showed the suspect's picture.

"Wow," said Anisha Devereoux. "It look like a lady to me…no it look like a man lady."

"That's odd is that a lady? Wow," visitor Justin Johnson said.

Investigators weren't exactly sure of the crook's gender either, only saying it appeared to be a woman. Employees told authorities whoever it was showed a weapon and got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

"It's going to happen anywhere," casino visitor Alex Huff said. "The way things are right now, people are on hard times and everything, and people are getting kind of desperate."

"It is scary for somebody to rob someone right here in Robinsonville. It never happens," said Devereoux.

This is the second robbery Action News 5 has covered in Tunica County over the last several weeks, and regardless of whether it is a man or a woman in this picture people here just hope someone will recognize whoever it is.

"Especially for this area it's pretty quiet and pretty peaceful over here," said Johnson.

Tunica County detectives are offering a cash reward. If you know anything call the Tunica County Crime Stoppers at 662-910-0400.

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