Man reportedly beats girlfriend with TV remote

(WMC-TV) - Memphis Police are investigating a crime Sunday morning where a man is accused of beating his girlfriend with a TV remote. 

22-year-old Jacob Wamble now faces several charges including aggravated kidnapping.

He's also charged with robbing his girlfriend of 40 bucks. According to the affidavit, Wamble drove Sisk to the ATM and force her to withdraw cash from the ATM.

Investigators said Wamble also tied up his girlfriend with bed sheets and threatened to kill her.

Sisk shared a Facebook message with Action News 5 saying she wants to help spread awareness of domestic violence and that women need be careful when it comes to trust and dating.

"This wasn't fair to me at all and I don't want another woman to go through what I had to," she said. 

Wamble was arrested and transported to 201 Poplar. 
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