Memphis Bishop plans to bring Holy Convocation back to Bluff City

Memphis Bishop plans to bring Holy Convocation back to Bluff City
(WMC-TV) - Fresh from winning election to COGIC's governing board - Memphis Bishop Brandon Porter said he plans to do all he can to bring the church's Holy Convocation back to Bluff City.
Porter is doing what he does best, inspiring COGIC believers to have faith. 

Now Bishop Porter is carrying that inspiration to a higher lever as one of the newest members of COGIC's general board.

"And we need someone that will constantly raise the concerns of Memphis to the church and will raise the concerns of the church to the city of Memphis," said Porter. 

Porter said that includes doing all he can to convince his colleagues on COGIC's general board to bring the annual Holy Convocation and its millions of tourist dollars back to Memphis.

"With out a doubt I will definitely be lobbying to bring the convocation back to Memphis and also encouraging Memphis though to remember that if you want to keep something good you also have to  keep doing something better," said Porter. 

Porter said more hotel and space accommodations could make moving the convocation back to Memphis a reality.

He said in the meantime they are offering other conventions to Memphis. 

For years Porter has ministered at both his church in hickory hill and his church in north Memphis.

He said joining the general board will not change that.

"Absolutely it gives me a greater platform to touch more people to whom much is given you know there is much responsibility," said Porter. 

Bishop Brandon Porter's father W.L. Porter was also on the general board.

Both men join Bishop J.O. Patterson and Bishop G.E. Patterson on the list of Memphians who have been elected to the office.
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