St. Luke's Food Pantry feeds 50 families a week

St. Luke's Food Pantry feeds 50 families a week
(WMC-TV) - The food pantry at St. Luke's United Methodist Church is small, but on Thursdays it bustles. 

"We serve about 50 families a week in three different zips, right around our church," said University Council of Congregations participant, Beverly Nicholson.

"We give them a 3 day supply of food, we serve about 50 families a week. We try to do the nutritional kind of food and things that we can give them that they might not be able to buy at the store," she said. 

Marilynn Pettes and he four children rely on this pantry. 

"First of all, it helps feed my 4 kids and myself. And let me tell you, it's hard to feed 4 kids on the supplement income that I get," said Pettes. 

"I cry sometimes because when I go home and I look in the bag, and not only just food, but treats and everything for the kids. And they be so excited,  you know. But, I can open up the cupboard and I can fix some canned goods, some corn, peas whatever, even soup. And no generic brands, brand name, and let me tell you, it's excellent, it is really excellent," she continued. 

But clients like Pettes can only come to the pantry six times a year. 

 "And we wish we could feed everybody every week, we can't," said Nicholson.

"And we have so many elderly people that they have no opportunity to get any more money, you know. Many of them only get $10 a month on food stamps, and you can't, you can't make it on that," she continued. 

And Nicholson knows the pantry wouldn't be able to help the people it does without the Mid-South food pantry. 

"We order food from their order form, they only charges us 7 cents a pound for handling, the food is free," said Nicholson.

"But, the Food Bank is indispensable. We would not operate without it. None of those 180 pantries would," she continued. 

A priceless service to the families helped here at St. Luke's Food Pantry, and something for which to be thankful.
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