Bogus USPS email puts people at risk

(WMC-TV) – If you will be using the US Postal Service to ship your holiday packages this season, beware of bogus emails that could cause some major problems for your computer.

Experts say the emails have false information about a package that could not be delivered. Clicking the link could activate a virus that can steal your personal information.

They say there is one unmistakable way to tell that it is not real.

"Some of the grammar and the spelling was incorrect," said Beth Schelle, Fraud Specialist. "On the top it said USPS, but inside the label, they forgot one of the 'S's."

The most important thing to remember is that the US Postal Service will never send an email regarding packages it cannot deliver.

The only way the Postal Service will get your email address is if you sign up for shipping on their website.

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